Reasons For Hiring A Property Manager

Reasons For Hiring A Property Manager

The dreaded phone call comes in that your tenant has a clogged rest room at 8pm at night. What now? So you scurry over to your rental property to determine if you can fix it. You check it out, perhaps even try to plunge it. Nothing occurs, still a slow drain and a gurgling noise. At this point you've got wasted over an hour of your time, time that you should be spending elsewhere.

You shrug your shoulders and inform your tenant you'll call a plumber as they might want to snake the drain. Giving your tenant the benefit of the doubt that there are seemingly roots in the main line which is causing the gurgling. You lastly get a hold of a plumber that will likely be there sometime tomorrow between the hours of 1 and four pm... and you'll want to be there to authorize work. Ugh! Now what?

So you're taking the afternoon off of work and look ahead to the 30 minute courtesy call that they are on their way. You get the call! You head over to the rental property and meet the plumber, the tenant says that the gradual drain and the gurgling remains to be happening. The plumber looks for the clear-out, but cannot find it and you aren't positive the place it is. So the plumber goes to the roof together with his snake. 30 minutes later he comes down with a baby's small toy that had been flushed down the toilet. OK, not nice, but at the least it's fixed homes for rent a few hundred dollars and not tree roots. The plumber goes back inside to test the bathroom and comes back out with bad news... nonetheless won't flush!

So now the plumber says, would you like me to tug the toilet? That is another charge. You shrug your shoulders and say yes, because what else are you going to do. The plumber takes his snake inside and pulls the toilet. He begins his snake and out comes a headless kid's doll covered in rest room paper from about 1 foot down the pipe.

Now the plumber comes back out and says, here is what I found. Since the toilet is off do you want me to digital camera the drain in the case there are more objects down there. In fact you say yes, cause if he places the toilet back then has to come back to do it that's one other charge.

Plumber comes back out and says the camera showed nothing else is within the drain. You sigh and he fills out his paperwork together with prices of round $300-400. He puts in his report the issues and the obvious abuse caused by the tenant. You ask him to put as a lot detail within the report as possible in an effort to charge back to the tenant, and he obliges and says good luck with that.

At this point you are into this little project for over 4 hours of your time, half a break day work spent standing outside of your rental, and some hundred dollars because your tenant's youngster determined they didn't want their toys anymore.

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