Rosa Do Deserto

Rosa Do Deserto

Summary: The Desert Rose plant (Adenium obesum) along with its vibrant shows of 2?-3? inch flowers in shades of red, pink, white, and yellow are show stoppers. All through the summer for best results keep plants in high light for 6 hours or more per day. The Adenium desert rose produces colorful, dramatic potted specimen for patios and decks during summer.

rosa do desertoThere are many variations of Desert Rose, in addition they develop freely throughout eastern and northeastern Africa and across the Arabian Peninsula. Being native to therefore places that are many enjoyed by a wide variety of cultures, they naturally pass by a handful of typical names. Included in these are:

Desert Rose
Mock Azalea
Impala Lily
Sabi Star
Dwarf Bottle Tree

Scientific names consist of:

Adenium arabicum
Adenium coetaneum
Adenium honghel
Nerium obesum

A few of these names relate to one variety or any other of the Desert Rose, which is really a member of the Dogbane (Apocynaceae/Asclepiadaceae) family. This family members includes:

Madagascar Palm
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At this point, blossoming will stop for 6-8 months only to resume in the autumn that is early. When the climate starts to turn cold (55 degrees Fahrenheit or less on a basis that is consistent give your plant an excellent pruning and carry it in the home.

In a really bright, warm environment such as a greenhouse, Adenium can stay active through the winter months. If you bring your plant into the home for winter months, it's going to probably remain in a semi-dormant state until spring arrives. During this period, just keep it in a hot space with bright, indirect light.
Water Moderately in Warm Weather and Sparingly in Cool Weather

The Desert Rose enjoys a good, hot rainy season, but when cool weather comes, you’ll need to reduce watering. Some state it is best to think about your Adenium as being a tropical plant in the spring and summer time so that as a cactus within the autumn and winter.

The most important things to keep in mind is the fact that origins must never become waterlogged. Throughout the growing season check the soil every day or two in container plants. As soon as the plant is wholly dry, water gradually and very carefully. Saturate the soil, but don't soak it. The soil must certanly be moist, perhaps not wet, and there must be no standing water. Work with a well-drained soil and allow the soil mix to dry out completely before watering again.

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