Cherry Pie OG Strain Overview

Cherry Pie OG Strain Overview

The love child of legendary OG Kush and the superb Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie OG is a potent hybrid destined for greatness.Originating within the Bay Space of California, she is sweeping the nation as a fan favorite for her balanced effects. Smokers aren’t the only ones to fall in love with this little lady.

Growers report that mold and fungus are frequent issues because of the dense flower and leaf growth. It is relatively simple to develop and gives an honest yield. These traits combine to make her an awesome strain for growers who live in drier climates.

I obtained this flower at Central Organics Dispensary. They obtained it by means of Oregon Imperial Farms, one in all their exclusive premium producers. Greenhouse grown in organic soil, this Cherry Pie OG is all natural. After harvest, it was jar cured to perfection earlier than being released to the public.

Initially heady, my high lasted 1-2 hours with about 15 second onset and forty five minute peak. The high began in the head, more specifically across the eyes. My mind was a bit of foggy but that only lasted for the primary hour. It was followed with a delicate tingle all around the body that lasted the rest of the time. The physical leisure/tingle made me feel rather lazy.

This strain is normally helpful for treating patients dealing with chronic pain, melancholy, muscle stress, migraines, headaches and stress. Cherry Pie OG can be nice for insomnia sufferers and for those dealing with anxiety. It’s a fantastic blend of Indica and Sativa effects that begin out uplifting then it begins slowing down a little.

It is rather attention-grabbing, smoke just a little and I received a potent Sativa dominant high. Smoke rather a lot and I received more of an indica high. It has been recognized to set off headaches and bouts of dizziness but I didn’t really feel them. Cherry Pie OG will help the average patient feel energetic, cheerful and alert.

This sample was positively a medical grade, all-day flower.It made me relaxed and comfortable to daydream. The high was more suitable for a solo session or small group setting reasonably that a huge party. I used to be introspective to start off however earlier than long lethargy kicked in making me really feel incredibly lazy the entire time I was coming down.

Total, I would say it has pleasant, euphoric effects from the OG Kush, blended with enjoyable the body and uplifting the mood due to the Cherry Pie. Take care to not smoke too much too quickly, it's going to positively provide you with a dry mouth and red eyes for those who get ahead of yourself.

It smells like a sweet and sour cherry pie. It was like I stepped into my grandmother’s kitchen for thanksgiving. The scent also has some citrus and musk blended in from its OG Kush father or mother strain. The jar remedy really helped carry out the terpenes.

The odor was robust and deep. I loved taking an extended sniff of the bottle as I loaded each bowl. When It burned, the Cherry Pie OG switched to a more woody flavor. The entire experience was smooth and the complexity made me savor the aroma.

It has a smooth and even a creamy feeling smoke that filled my lungs with thick, flavorful smoke. Earthy, faintly fruity sweetness dominated the pallet as I breathed it in. Some herbal spices had been combined in to the flavour as well, adding depth to the taste. They made themselves known in the preliminary hits, but disappeared relatively rapidly once I blew out the smoke.

Cherry Pie OG is a particular strain. It’s a nice blend of berry and Buy cherry pie og flavors from Cherry Pie and Pine blended with the earthy flavors of OG Kush. It was additionally completely cured for a premium hit proper out of the bag.

Check out these dense buds with orange hair all over.The hairs are known as pistils and infrequently darken from white to orange as the plant develops. They don’t get you high (that’s the trichomes job) however they add to the visible presentation.

I like the bullet formed nugs that this showed. The nugs had been additionally very dense which helped them burn longer. The stems snapped cleanly off of the stem and the nug deformed only slightly after I stuffed it in my bowl.

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